Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Time to start


So I am going to start doing it! I want to start facilitating change in my life. However, going back over my previous blog posts, I have learned that I am not a follower-through-er. As in, I seem to start doing things, but I never finish them. Like my artbook, my to do lists, my notebooks etc, etc. I just can’t seem to do it! I used to be so good at completing things; I actually used to hate leaving things unfinished. I blame my job. Honestly, this job takes very little effort and brain usage, I think it’s simply turned into mush. This does happen by the way, one of the very few things I remember from my degree.
Anyway, coming back to the point. Tonight and tomorrow night, my other half is staying at home doing his much needed ICT course. This leaves me 2 evenings to sort out –a lot – of stuff.
1.       I have to go to the gym. I haven’t been in a week. Naughty Jenni.
2.       It’s my mum’s birthday, and being the creative wannabe that I am, I have to go to Hobbycraft after the gym and buy things to make her a card, and a mini photo album of mother and daughter. This will probably take up most of my time.
3.       My room is horribly untidy. It needs tidying!
4.       Look for lots of jobs and graduate schemes. I hate doing this at home, as I am tired, and I can’t think. But work (for some reason...!) has blocked most job sites. I really want to hurry up and get into a fantastic job!
5.       I probably won’t get this done, but I do need to print off our engagement photos and finish of our scrapbook.

I wish I had more time. When I was in between jobs and uni, I had so much time on my hands, even with the uni work. I never used it wisely, I would just sit around and watch crap tv. How I wish I had used it wisely.

I will do it. I will!

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