Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I’m not sure if you’re aware...but one of my passions is photography. I love looking at photos, I love being in photos, I even like watching people take photos, but more importantly, I love taking them. I want to have a permanent camera attached to my head that takes pictures everywhere I go.  I am so desperate to try and learn how to take arty photos, like people post on their blogs, especially ones of my fiancé and me. But there is one problem. Gavin hates it. He hates it when I get my camera out. If it’s just me and him somewhere on a beach or in a forest or in London, and I get it out, he gets a bit moody. I really wish he didn’t. I said to him when I bought my camera, that he must realise it will be with us wherever we go, and I will be using it. He understood, and even encouraged me to take pictures with it. But that didn’t last very long. He now groans when I pull it out of my bag. I wish he would understand how passionate I am about photos, and capturing a few moments of our lives. Most of the time, he succumbs to it, and just does it. But I wish he would share my passion, and enjoy it. I wish he would get involved and take arty pictures of me/us. I want to take pictures like this:

So, my mission when we go to West Lulworth, this place: 

Is to take amazing pictures of us, portraying just how in love we are, and interesting pictures of the scenery. All I ask is that he will happily take part. I part take in his gaming passion, so I wish he would part take in my photography one!
I am going to start reading up on how to achieve this asap. If anyone has any tips, I will be more than grateful to have them!

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