Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Sometimes life seems busy, even if you’re not physically doing’s a strange phenomenon I sometimes get. I’m not sure if anyone else feels like that sometimes.
I forgot to add to my list last week “sort out passports”, which I did at the beginning of this week. Finally. After months of agro with photos not being correct, not having the correct bit signed, etc. Nightmare. So fingers crossed we will get our passports soon and we can then start going abroad together! So that was one errand that I managed to complete this week.
Another errand I have just completed: I have just done point 1 on my list! Booked the bank holiday weekend away to Dorset! Yay!
I was also busy every night making a vase for a candle for my Nan’s birthday. I was doing a bit each night since last Wednesday, so it feels like it took forever! Anyway I finished it yesterday, and here is the result:

I went to Cafe Rouge with my family which was pleasant. Mum got drunk on this stuff:

That’s my glass. I had the same stuff, yet she was sozzled! I was fine. Shame really, because if I was also drunk, I probably would have been less embarrassed!
I had this dessert:

It is a Tarte Tautin. An upside apple tart. It was really yummy, but I couldn’t finish it =[.

I have been writing blog ideas, and editing photos, and thinking. And carrying out life errands. I think the thinking part makes life seem busy, as my mind has been busy. Does that even make sense?!

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