Monday, 22 August 2011

Weekend round up

 This is exactly how I felt this morning! 
So I haven’t blogged since Friday. I can’t even remember what happened on Friday for me not to blog! Actually, tell a white lie, I was writing a post on Friday that I didn’t publish, because it got too confusing! It was a ramble on life satisfaction; how I really don’t understand how people my age (or any age) are satisfied with going out every night, getting drunk and getting with different guys. I feel that there is no stability, no real life fulfilment in doing that. Whereas people like me, in long term relationships, have stability, someone to go home to, companionship and someone to share life with. To me, that is what life is about. Sharing it with someone you love.
Anyway, then I realised that my idea of a “perfect” life is not the same as everyone else’s, and those who do go out every night are satisfied with their lives, for many different reasons, that I can sort of remember from my psychology lectures, but I won’t delve into!
So it’s Monday today, and I am extremely tired from a busy weekend! On Saturday Gavin and I went to visit my parents’ friends in Crawley and had a lovely pub meal.
On Sunday, my friends, Gavin and I went to Legoland, Windsor. I have lots of photos to post, and I will do this tonight. Along with the Foo Fighters photos I was supposed to post up a month ago! Anyway, I had such a good time yesterday. I think we managed to go onto all of the rides that we could go on, and went on a few of them twice. It was a great day, and although the park is mainly aimed for children, being with my friends made it all the while better. I haven’t laughed as much as I did yesterday for very long time. Ah, I love my friends! I would recommend you go there if you haven’t been already, but, it is bloody expensive. Entry price is £35, and food is not cheaper than £5. So save your pennies and take a packed lunch! Watch this space for photos! I promise to post them, because they are all lovely! Have a good Monday! (If that is possible!)

My best friend Jade and me =]

My fiance Gavin and me!

Driving a boat is far more pleasent than driving a car!

Mini land - our tube! 

Our mini Leister Square

Our mini BT Tower

Our mini Houses of Parliament

Mini London Eye - which we've been on many a time!

Mini St. Pauls

St. Pauls again

Attempting to hold the wheel!

Mini Buckingham Palace

I loved this - mini Doctor who and is tardis, watching Star Wars characters fight. This pleased the mini geek in me!

Mini Brighton Pier!

Mini Top Gear with The Stig

Me and my amazing friends!

The end of a incredible day =]


Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Ah I love Legoland! Can't wait to see the pics :)
I feel the same - I am totally single (boo!) but still don't see any satisfaction in going out and getting drunk every night and waking up in someone elses bed every morning - strange!

missjade21 said...

twas indeed magnificent day out even though i spent my life savings lol!! cant wait to see ur pics xxx

Jenni said...

Aw thanks Sophie, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way! It is very strange how people can just do that! Legoland was incredible, I had lots of fun, totally treated the big kid in me! A few of the 200 odd photos are up now! Enjoy! =] xxx