Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tweeting...I Hope it Makes my Dream Come True!

I've started to become "Twitter-pated". Ever since I read an article in Company magazine, I've been tweeting  almost every bloody 3 hours. Apparently, it opens up doors career wise. People have been found through their twitter and got jobs as PR's and art directors and journalists - their dream jobs! So, I'm hoping that, with a bit of positive thinking, I can be found amongst the thousands of other profesh bloggers/writers/critics/PR's/Editors wannabes. Plucked like a feather on a chicken, singled out from so many others that are so similar. 

 Now, I'm not saying that I'm unhappy with my job. In fact, I do really like it. A lot. Recruitment is a bloody good profession to be in...as is the company I'm with. I'm also lucky that I have a job that's slightly related to my degree (even if I do feel like I truly suck at it sometimes....but that's another blog post!) I wouldn't mind being there for a very very long time (where eventually I hope that I can settle - again, another blog post!) 

It's just...well, everyone has their dream job don't they? I'm sure that people I work with dream of being in a job that's related to their interests (I can only think of football...I can't actually guess what other people dream of being!) At the end of the day though, it's just a dream. It has such a small chance of happening, I would imagine that I may have a better chance at winning the lottery (if I did it...!) 

So, we'll see. It has happened to the lucky few. There is a 20 something girl who has had a book published of her blog, it's called "F*** I'm in my Twenties!" - or something to that effect. I have also added to my Amazon wishlist a published blog of  Tavi Gevinson - called "Rookie Yearbook One". Maybe, one very fine day, I'll be noticed and I could have a book pulished, or I could have my own column in a magazine (now that is dreaming, that would be ah-maze-ing!) 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Been a While...Muse...

I'm writing to you from me, a total friggin mess. Why? Don't worry, only physically. I totally just walked into my door, where my boob knocked on the knob. Wow, that sounds sorta rude. The door handle bashed my boob. Oh man that's no better! You get the erm...idea. It bloody hurts! I fell to the floor, did about a hundred rolls into the bathroom and cried uncontrollably for about 10 minutes.
Ok, so that may be a little exaggerated. But I did roll, and I did cry. It hurt that bad. I can't remember the last time I cried.
I'm not a total mess either. Sorry, another exaggeration. I'm on my bed, writing this whilst sipping a lovely cold glass of German wine (German wine is the best wine!) listening to Muse's new album The Second Law. 

Verdict so far? It's.....interesting to say the least.  There are 2 dubstep-esque tracks on there. A couple of rock ones. A few others that sound like another old prog rock/pop band from the days of yore, and a couple of really boring slow ones. It's definitely not love at first listen, it's going to take a few to even like it....let alone love it. Actually kind of glad I didn't spend £75 x 2 (I'm not great at maths) on tickets to see them now. But it's worth a listen, to cure the curiosity. See, now I made a big mistake. I listened to the second from last track on the album called "Unsustainable" - a proper dubstep tune, and I got really excited about this new album, thinking it was going to be like this. Only...to be left rather disappointed. There's only one other track that has the dubsteppiness to it, which I can't find, so maybe I was lying! Anyway, Panic Station is really good, love that, and Supremacy, both are rock based which I looove. Follow Me and Save Me are boring slow songs which, I'll be honest, I skipped after the first few bars or so. I'm convinced that I can hear a little James Bond theme in the first track, around 1:35 you can hear it. It's very subtle, but I'm sure that's in the James Bond films! 
The last track is like a blimmin' dance/electro track! I like it. Nothing wrong with a bit of dance. 
All in all, it's not Muse that we all love and know, nothing like their "Knights of Cydonia" and miles away from "Plug in Baby" and "New Born". But, that's what the trio wanted. Upon watching an hour long interview with them on good ol' youtube, they wanted to change. They feel that each album is like a chapter in their lives, representing different things. This is a new chapter, with new emotions and events that are occurring in their lives. I feel like they really wanted to be like the "Heston Blumenthal" of the music world; experimenting with many different sounds, putting together pieces of music that you would never think to unionise, such as an orchestra and an orchestral choir, making it work surprisingly well. It works, it's just going to get a lot of getting used to. Like a new haircut I suppose.