Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tweeting...I Hope it Makes my Dream Come True!

I've started to become "Twitter-pated". Ever since I read an article in Company magazine, I've been tweeting  almost every bloody 3 hours. Apparently, it opens up doors career wise. People have been found through their twitter and got jobs as PR's and art directors and journalists - their dream jobs! So, I'm hoping that, with a bit of positive thinking, I can be found amongst the thousands of other profesh bloggers/writers/critics/PR's/Editors wannabes. Plucked like a feather on a chicken, singled out from so many others that are so similar. 

 Now, I'm not saying that I'm unhappy with my job. In fact, I do really like it. A lot. Recruitment is a bloody good profession to be in...as is the company I'm with. I'm also lucky that I have a job that's slightly related to my degree (even if I do feel like I truly suck at it sometimes....but that's another blog post!) I wouldn't mind being there for a very very long time (where eventually I hope that I can settle - again, another blog post!) 

It's just...well, everyone has their dream job don't they? I'm sure that people I work with dream of being in a job that's related to their interests (I can only think of football...I can't actually guess what other people dream of being!) At the end of the day though, it's just a dream. It has such a small chance of happening, I would imagine that I may have a better chance at winning the lottery (if I did it...!) 

So, we'll see. It has happened to the lucky few. There is a 20 something girl who has had a book published of her blog, it's called "F*** I'm in my Twenties!" - or something to that effect. I have also added to my Amazon wishlist a published blog of  Tavi Gevinson - called "Rookie Yearbook One". Maybe, one very fine day, I'll be noticed and I could have a book pulished, or I could have my own column in a magazine (now that is dreaming, that would be ah-maze-ing!) 

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