Wednesday, 5 December 2012

2012 is Drawing to an End

As I sit here, in my towel, feeling fresh and smelling like stress relief (that's the name of the bubble bath's a nice smell),  listening to M83 (a band with a "luscious blend of shoegaze aesthetics, ambient pop and progressive textures") , I can't help but think that right now, I feel content. Something that I came to realise in that little bath.
Baths are strange. They're a weird concept - you just lay there, in water, sitting in your own dirt some say (but if you have bubble bath, I'm pretty sure that that kills off most of the dirt and cleans you and the water.) But, they're the one place where your mind is kind of allowed to just wander, and all your thoughts, feelings, woes and worries seem to all slide into place and make sense. Just laying there, thinking about the last 12 months was definitely some sort of therapy I needed. Much like retail therapy, where buying things make you feel better, only cheaper and lazier. I've been trying to think about how I feel about life and the last 12 months, without coming to any sort of conclusion.

This year has been a funny sort of year, where I feel like not a lot has happened, but it actually really has. I got a new job in February, I went to Paris for a long weekend with the girls in February, my fianc√© and I went to Rome in April, we had the Olympics in July where I went to work in a garage close to the heart of the event - it was pretty special  and my best friend had the cutest baby ever in September (to which, I think, Gavin and I are one set of godparents to, which is the best thing ever). 
I mean, yea, OK maybe a lot did happen. Thinking about it in that bath (and writing it all down) has led me to realise that. We've (myself and Gavin) also managed to save up a lot of money, ready for us to hopefully move out late next year. It has actually been quite a significant life changing year. 
So, at this moment in time, I'm quite content. I just hope that the world doesn't in fact end on December 21st - I still have a lot more things to do in my life! 

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