Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Just wanted to Say

Saturday the 1st of December was the best 1st of December I've had for a very long time. 
My fiancé - Gavin - took me on a date. He booked a table and everything. I had no idea where we were going. It was a little exciting! 

We went into London, visited our favourite Costa coffee shop, tucked away in the back streets behind Oxford Street, went into Harvey Nichols, Harrods and drank a couple of hot ciders in Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.

He then took me to Covent Garden, where he told me he was taking me to a little French restaurant called "Le Garrick". I was anxious at first - I did not want to eat French food! 
But there was no need for concern. It was a cute little place on Garrick Street, and it's all lit by candles inside. You go downstairs - underground, and there is a tiny bar and lots of little bricked archways and cosy coves and old wooden beams. It was gorgeous. As was the food. And the wine. And the free shot of 40% Pear Schaps at the end. 

It was wonderful. I have the best man in the world and I am the luckiest girl in the universe. 


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