Wednesday, 26 December 2012

And was All Over...Just Like That!

Merry Christmas to you all first of all (even though it was yesterday...!)

But I get a teeny bit down every year when it's all over. Each Christmas day is full of fun and happiness, so much so that time flies, and before you know it, it's half past midnight and you're trying to stay awake in case the other team say a Taboo word! 

I hope everyone had a good one and got everything they deserve. I got good presents. Things that I needed and there were a few surprises in there too. But, I learnt yesterday that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are dangerous around Christmas. My goodness there are so many spoilt people out there! And I mean spoilt rotten! The presents they get is sickening. Designer stuff, lots of handbags and jewellery, money, gift vouchers, make-up etc. I know I sound jealous, but that's because I am! Thanks for posting up pictures showing how much your parents love you,  a spoilt brat,  very god dam lucky! It's ok, I'll just take my little bit of Christmas money and go get some retail therapy (but even that's getting tedious now, believe it or not!)

The best bit about Christmas though really, is the food. And having my family over. And getting drunk and playing silly games. And spending time with my fiancĂ©.  And the Christmas telly. 
A lot of best bits, so I guess I'm lucky that I have all of that every year.
I just hate how quick it's all over. 

Not long left of 2012's time that I start making resolutions and plan how I want my 2013 to be! 

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