Thursday, 6 December 2012

Let me Just...Put this out There...

Blogging is very much a world wide accepted thing. I have a lot friends that blog about their life as a mum/artist/fashionista-turned world traveller/potential radio DJ. 
Granted, they all have their niches and are very much topic orientated so their blog probably has more purpose than mine does. I guess my blog is a little like a diary. Only, I decide to make it public. It may be somewhat censored - I don't particularly want to get into trouble if I say something and it's taken the wrong way - but it's still somewhere where I can write utter crap if I wanted! 
So what you read here is just me. This is who I am. Really. 
I have a psychology degree, I'm a bit useless, I have very little common sense but - I enjoy writing, reading, blogging and writing all sorts of crazy shit that my mind thinks of. I like listening to rock/metal/nu-metal, but lately I've been listening to other types of music (I don't know what type it is - mixture of things really), but I'm still a rock chick at heart. People think I'm innocent (only my fiancé and friends know that's not entirely the case). If I'm putting things out there, then, let's just say, I like it very often, and I like it rough. If I remember rightly, at my old work place, I had one of the dirtiest minds. I'll leave it there with that one ;P
I like the fact that I'm different to girls who are just... - I'm not like the girls on TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex - you know, fake tan, fake boobs, fake personality with a different boyfriend every week. I don't fake tan, I have one man in my life, and I'd like to think I'm genuine. I go out, I get drunk, I do silly things (like when I accidentally intruded on a couples romantic dinner in a pub by placing my camera right in the middle of their table saying "take a picture, take a picture", then falling over backwards on my arse. It was kind of embarrassing). It just so happens that most of the time, I can't remember these things, so people just have to tell me what I did! 
I really want a tattoo, I've been agonising over it for months and months - I just don't know what I want. I like birds, skulls, chains, black, red, purple, photography, writing, laughing. I mean, all of that incorporated into one would be hideous... but If someone could design me a black and red tattoo with birds and chains then that would be uh-maze-ing. 
I love eating. I'm definitely a fat girl in a thin girls body. I'm very lucky in that respect, I know that I'm probably hated for it. But I honestly can't help it. One day though, I will wake up and all the years of eating crap will be sitting there, on my hips, my thighs and my bum. I just hope it isn't too soon! I kinda like my body at the moment!

Jeez, this has been a bit me, me, me! Apologies. As the title suggested, I was just putting me, me, me out there. Just, you know, re-affirming who I am. I think we all need that sometimes.

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