Saturday, 21 April 2012

Long time, no blog =[

I miss my blog. I miss writing my daily posts. I miss the connection I have/had with you, my followers. 
It's just that, my life is so flamin' busy right now. This job is so intense, I'm always busy. So I don't have my spare 20mins where I would write a post anymore. What about when I come home? Weekends? Well, I'll explain more in a sec.
The job is located about an hour away from me in London (East). So I'm commuting every day now, more than I used to (a bus and a tran - total travel time is one hour). Let me tell you my new schedule, in the hope that you'd understand!

6:10 - my alarm goes off.
6:15 - I get up, have a wash/shower
6:30 - I get dressed
6:45 - I have breakfast (or if I'm on an early shift, I skip breakfast and brush my teeth at this point, then leave for work at 6:50.
7:20 - I leave for work (if I'm on the late shift.

Then I get to work for about 8 ish if I'm on the early, when I will then finish at 4:30, or 8:45 if I'm on the later shift, at that point I finish at 5.

Then I would get home between 5:30 and 6pm. 

So, as you may guess, I am knackered every day when I come home. I can't even think =[. I just see Gav (my fiancĂ©), and we slump in front of the telly til 10pm, at which point I take him home. On the weekends, we spend in bed, or go out walking in country parks, shopping, or visiting friends. 
See? Hectic, hectic, hectic. It's worth it for the job I'm in. But it does annoy me because it influences the rest of my life. 
The only reason I'm on it now, is because I've finished packing, and Gav is on his little game (aw sweet haha!) 
Oh, packing? Well, packing for ROME!! Yes, we are going on holiday - out of the country - to ROME, Italy for 5 days. We leave Monday 23rd!! I am so excited! This will be our first holiday out of the country, Gav's first time on a plane, and my second. Everyone who I've spoken too who has been says it's amazing and we will love it. YAY! 
I will try and post photos on here, our flight touches down 11pm back in England Friday, so I'll be very tired! I'll see if I can get round to posting on here on the Sunday. 

Phew, well, I must tell you, that felt so good. I thought it was going to be hard, but I fell right back into it. I have so much to say! Like, well, to be honest, today I waxed my legs for the first time ever, and it really wasn't that bad! Hardly any pain! My legs were so red, but they've calmed down a lot now. The test is now, to see if they really do last 4 weeks! 

Over and out!