Sunday, 3 November 2013

Italy is our Second Home

We went to Maiori on the Amalfi Coast in Italy in September this year. 
We've decided that is our second home. We love it there - best holiday to date. 
We had so much fun, seeing Pompeii, climbing Mt. Vesuvius, riding the very choppy sea to Capri, playing in the sea, sunbathing on the black sand, drinking by the pool, saying stupid things as a result of non stop drinking! Some of these classics were "I wonder what people think about me looking so smart and you looking like a sloth"
"I don't like spiders shooting at me"
"Can I have a straw please?" *get given an ashtray* 
"I wish you a fantastic dinner" said a waitress to us
"When I say grazi, you say prego!" said a singer on the entertainment night. 

It's a place I highly recommend everyone needs to go, we're still not done there yet, there's so much to do!

Sunday, 17 March 2013


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Friday, 25 January 2013


Not sure where to start really. Lets just say that this is just a rant that I'll probably delete later once I have my rational head back on. I'm fed up. I'm tired. Because I'm so fecking confused. It seems clearer day by day that someone who lives by the rules, by law, lives a clean healthy life with a job and a savings account, who has a motivation to buy a house, move up in life, only drinks, doesn't do drugs or anything totally illegal, has a degree and is relatively clever- is something that no one actually gives a shit about. Its probably deemed boring by many(not friends), so that person is the least favourite to talk to...or have a laugh with. It's also probably deemed not good enough by the one person who should be proud of that person. She seems to not realise that "well at least she's not sleeping around, at least she's not going out most nights wasting money on alcohol or doing drugs, and she has a degree and a job". She fails to think about what that the way that person's turned out, and instead just thinks about what she wants. out of her way.  Everyday Im starting to struggle with this "normal" life. I often think about just going off the rails, do drugs, become single, go out most nights. Will people then take more interest? I hate to think...
I just can't see why that makes someone feel like the odd one out...
It was completely different. People did take an interest. They laughed at the ditsy, sometimes dirty comments and they were shocked but I think that's one of things that they found interesting. Coz they took the time to find that out.
ugh...give up. give it time. More time. And make her realise that it could be worse.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

11 days later...

Sooo as you can see I kinda failed with the photo a day, against my initial thoughts I'm going to do this fmsphotoaday thing my friend is doing. I'm jumping in at number 22 where the theme is "corner". Soooo...I guess this is a picture of a corner at work.