Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Resolutions

In the year 2013, I want to (as many others do) try and improve on myself and my life, and make more time for the things that I enjoy doing and the people I enjoy being with.
So, my resolutions for the year 2013 are:

1. Write more blog posts - I started off so well. Then I got my new job and it all went downhill from there. This year, I want to write at least 4 times a week. 

2. Take more photographs - Everywhere I went years ago I took my camera with me. These days, it hardly ever makes it outside. 

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle - bit vague, but that's good for me because it can incorporate lots of things like eating healthier, getting more exercise and sleeping without the telly on! 

4. Start keeping a daily diary - I love writing, and I love the idea of looking back in many years and reading about my life. I have a few old diaries from 12 years ago, and it's fascinating to see how much I have changed.

5. Start a new...something - my friend was talking about going to Zumba classes. Then about Salsa lessons. I  really want to do one, or the other, or both! So I really want to join something with my friends. 

My ultimate goal of 2013 - is to move out. 

I just hope, wish and pray that I (and my fiancĂ©) reach this amazing goal. 

Happy New Year!  

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