Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday... again!?

It feels like only yesteday I wrote a Friday post... this week has flown! 
I haven’t really blogged about me lately. That sounds a little self-centred. I haven’t blogged about what’s happened recently in my life. That’s a tiny bit better. It will do!  
It’s because not much has happened if I am honest! Work has been dead. Nothing is going on; it’s so quiet now that the schools are on holiday. I haven’t been going to the gym, because of certain circumstances.
I did go shopping yesterday, like I promised myself I wouldn’t. I needed a new outfit for tonight! I had a look in mind; I have the suspender-esque tights, and I wanted to go for the whole leather shorts and the tights thing. So I headed to River Island, thinking that they must have leather shorts in there. No. They had their Autumn/Winter collection in so it was all coats and jumpers. So Miss Selfridge was next. Nothing. Topshop? They had leather shorts, but they were awful. My last thought and hope was H&M. I wasn’t expecting them to stock any to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what I was looking for! So I bought those for £14.99.

My next mission was to find a flowy top that wasn’t flowery! I have River Island to thank for that! £22 which is really good for that shop! I shall take a picture of the ensemble this evening and post it tomorrow if I am not too hung-over!
My day look today consists of Topshop Jeans, a River Island top, Miss Selfridge leather sleeveless Jacket and Miss Selfridge shoes, as you can see below:

I think I will just do this on Friday. As I don’t have enough clothes to do it every day!
My plans for this weekend are minimal. Tonight it is a friend’s birthday, and we are celebrating that in Brentwood. I have never been to Brentwood on a proper night out before, so I don’t know what to expect! Probably a lot of Essex girls! I will confirm this on a later post! 

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