Monday, 15 August 2011

Another week starts

Monday today. Another weekend has flown by, and another week this month is gone. Only 2 weeks now until September. I am not looking forward to winter. Every year I think it will be different, I think that I won’t be affected by the lack of sunlight; I will stay happy and positive and I will not dress like a miserable frump because I am so cold. Every year I am sure that I will be able to handle the cold; that winter is never usually that cold and I can wear a vest top, cardigan and jacket and not end shivering and freezing cold. Every year, I am wrong! But there is always hope for change!
                I’ve been reading a lot of fashion blogs lately. I don’t know why, but I love looking at other people’s fashion and style, and it’s an added bonus that the fashion blogs that I read are UK based, and their all high street fashion, so I could quite easily walk down the street and make a purchase. But what I have found is that Primark is featured quite often, amongst my favourite shops River Island and Topshop. This is bizarre to me, as whenever I dare to venture into the Primark jungle, I can never find anything. And when I do, the fit is awful on me. It just does not fit. I don’t know if that’s because I find things that people would not see as a “good find”, or it’s because I’m not your average shape, and I don’t fit into their generic, 8-10, 10-12, square shaped tops! It’s shame really, because that would save me a rather lot of money!
                So, what have been doing with my life? Well, in terms of making something out of it, nothing! The Graduate schemes don’t open fully until September; the Birkbeck university open day is also in September. So at the moment, I’m just riding the life train at a slow and steady pace. I might have a look at some jobs today, just to see what’s around!
But I do have lots of things to look forward to; I am rather busy for the next 4 weekends! The 21st August my friends and I are going to Legoland; the bank holiday weekend after that Gavin and I are going away to West Lulworth; the weekend after that, the first weekend in September it is the wedding fair, and then the weekend after that is a vintage fair in London. I love it when I have plans on the weekends. It is also nice to laze around and do nothing once in a while, but I prefer getting out and about!
                Last night, Gavin and I went out with our friends to the pub. They were going out to a rock club afterwards which I would have liked to have done, but I was so tired by half 10, and we both had work this morning. So I left them at the pub. My friends didn’t so they didn’t have to worry, lucky souls! One thing I hate though when I have to leave early is that I miss out on things. It’s immature, but I hate feeling left out! Makes me upset *sad face!*


Susan said...

Hey there- thanks for the comment on my blog :-)glad we're 20sb friends!

you can always come to Texas during your cold London winters! I have been to London twice, but both times were in the summer so it was a really great break from the heat for me!


Jenni said...

Hi, thank you for commenting back =]! I would love to go to Texas in our Winter, I bet it's a lot nicer there than it is here! Did you visit during the typical English summer when it rains a lot more than we would like?!
Jen =]