Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Saturday was Sunday

We spent the whole day in bed yesterday. I don't mean that in the usual way, we literally spent the whole day in bed. Doing what people do on Sunday, on a Saturday - nothing.
We were recovering from Friday night, which, I am sorry, I did not get a picture of my outfit from. But, there were pictures taken of me and my future sister in law, so I am constantly checking the night club's website for those!
It was a good night, I can't remember much, it has been a while since I have been on a night out and been rather drunk! And the thing is, I only had a double archers and lemonade, and two large glasses or rose wine. I think I became so drunk because I had not eaten since my lunch at half 2. I wasn't too hungover, I was just tired and my head hurt. It could have been worse, except I chose to stop drinking, and I had about 3 bottles of water when we got home! I always do this, and my hangovers are never as bad as they used to be.
My tips for not having a nasty morning after a night out are: 

  • Eat something before you start drinking, preferably a stodgy meal like steak and chips or even pasta.
  • You can do one of two things:
    • Get a few drinks in at the beginning, get drunk, then slow down and stop, and drink soft drinks or water towards the end of the night; or,
    • Drink slowly. One drink an hour. Then have 2-3 500ml bottles of water when you get home.
This is what I usually do, so these are tried and tested for myself. I know everyone is different, although I hope this works for most! 

Today, Gavin and I went to church. We went to St. John the Evangelist in Havering-Atte-Bower. It's where we hope to get married, and for a couple of months we have been meaning to attend a Sunday Service to meet the vicar and join the church's electoral roll. We have to attend for 6 months and then one every 2 months or something like that!
It was a nice service, and the people are so lovely and friendly. We will go again, it's just we are not able to go for the next couple of weeks as we are busy both Sundays!
Anyway, just thought I'd drop a quick post as a round up of the weekend! We are off to celebrate my best friend passing her driving test this evening. I definitely will not be drinking! 

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