Monday, 1 August 2011

A Little Me

Name: Jenni Jones
Birth-day: 12/6/89
Basics: I have a degree in Psychology (2.1 with honours!) a job, a fiancé, a loving family, great friends and a brother (I know he is family...but he is not very loving!).

I love to read. I have a whole lot of books to get through by Christmas!
I love to travel. My aim is to travel most of the globe, but I want to start of small (ish), and just travel around the UK. I want to visit as many different – interesting- places as I can.
I love to scrapbook. I haven’t done this for a while, as I have been busy!
I love photography. I am not a master at it. I am a beginner. I love looking at amazing photos of the world, and unusual photos of everyday things. I really want to be able to learn how to take amazing arty photos!

This blog will simply follow me as I go about my daily business. I guess I wanted its aim to give people an insight into the life of a 20 something woman, and how boring or exiting it can be!
I aim to update it daily, and fill it with my thoughts, feelings, what I did the previous evening, what I am planning on doing, photos, problems and other little bits and pieces of my little life.

A little taster....
I am currently in a job that is more suitable for people who have just left school. It certainly does not require a degree! I want to get into the human resource career, or occupational psychology.
It seems that the only way to do this is to do what every other graduate is doing. Applying for hundreds of menial jobs a week, that are only remotely related to their area of interest; or they are applying for hundreds of graduate schemes that are related to their subject choice. Both of these, as from experience, are very hard, tedious and soul destroying, as 99% of the time, I don’t hear from anyone, or I am rejected. Since when did having a degree make it impossible to find a job?
The current system we have here in the UK is appalling and it needs to be stopped.
Anyway, I will end this here before I end up writing reams and reams of moaning! I may end up doing it across a few blogs!

So that’s a little bit of me!!
Stay tuned for more this week!

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