Monday, 8 August 2011

Weekend Round Up

So I have been sort of busy this weekend. Saturday we just had to run some errands, and then made an unplanned visit to the Outback Steakhouse in the evening where my friend works and kept her company for a while.

Sunday was Gavin’s birthday present. We visited the Ford Fair at Silverstone Circuit. Now, on the website, this event looked amazing. It looked like Gavin’s type of thing. It advertised as having America muscle cards, vintage cars and races. We got there, and it was not what we expected. At all. It was full of boy racers, and fiestas and focuses. There were a few nice old cars that we saw, and awed at for about 5 minutes, and then that was it. We watched a few drag races, but that’s it. We left after 2 hours of walking around.

We got home at about half past 3 and relaxed.
So a good weekend really. It left me with a great sense of happiness, which resulted in me being very happy this Monday!

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