Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Deep Sadness and Anger

 I promised myself that I wouldn’t write about the monstrosity that is going on in this awful country.
But I need to vent.
As I write, I can hear sirens.
I can’t believe the state of this country. I can’t believe how mindless, disgusting and evil people can be.
But it is all the government’s fault.
With their pussyfooting and their stupid human rights crap.
The public are taking the absolute piss out of the government. Laughing in its face as they trash numerous towns and cities, because those pompous, arrogant, self righteous idiots that get paid to look after the country, are too scared to give police decent means of getting rid of the scum.
If the government sorted itself out, and showed no tolerance from the beginning of time, then people would be too scared to riot.
Great Britain is lucky. Its place on the world means we don’t have to suffer from natural disasters. Its place in the developing world means we don’t have to live in poverty. Yet people decide to cause destruction, pain and suffering to the British public, for absolutely – no –reason.
I just don’t understand.
What’s worse is that the majority of the rioters are people who have come over here to seek refuge or get away from a country where they suffered. These people don’t have jobs and are getting paid by tax payers. So these people are taking the piss out of our country. And the government just don’t care.
I can’t continue writing, for it will turn into a script of swearing and abuse.
I just, among many others, want this to stop.
I just hope the government learn from this. 
My sincerest thoughts are with all those that are unfortunately caught up in this mess. 
Mirian Macedo Pereira from Brazil writes: "First world? Third world? Or underworld? Problems like lack of education, opportunities, unemployment, discrimination, and lack of values, are not just third world problems."

How very true.

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