Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Thoughts..

I’ve been thinking about e-books recently, and how much I am actually against them.  Not against them as in they should be discontinued, stop being sold or whatever, but against them as in that they are actually more of an inconvenience than a good regular old book. My reasons for this are as follows:
1. They are expensive – you have to purchase the e-book reader. Which is costly. Then you have to pay to download the book. The problem? You end up spending more money than if you were to borrow books at the library, or buy the books online at a discounted price.
2. They are easily damaged. Just like a phone, or an ipod, these are electric gadgets that can break. Books can’t break. Simple!
3. Expensive if you lose it. Pretty self explanatory! Losing a book won’t be £100 down the drain!
4. They can go wrong. As with many electric gadgets, it is run by a computer. This can go wrong. A book cannot!
5. it’s just not as good as a book. I love a book. I think half the joy of reading a book is the smell and feel of it. Call me crazy, but I love a new book smell! And the feel of pages and the noise they make. It’s music to my ears. I know many people would agree!

There are some good points, like, if you’re reading a particularly large book, this can’t always fit in your handbag. And, as a popular brand’s e-book’s advert suggests, you can read it anywhere without it being too awkward.

All in all, I will never stop buying a good, real, paper book. I can’t wait to get a lovely antique bookshelf and put all of my books on there, acting as trophies of my intellect! Where my friends and family can see, and borrow some if they wish.

You can’t do that with downloaded e-books.


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