Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Gaps are Not Good!

Wow. So it’s been over a month when I last posted on this blog.
Whoopsie! Sorry guys/gals =[ .
I never even got round to finishing that 31 day blog challenge, which I was so close to doing! In fact, I’ll write those and schedule them over the next couple of days, to help get things rolling.
I neglected this blog, once again, for no real reason. Other than that I have been tired and lazy. So tired and lazy, that I quite the gym. I know, it’s bad. But in the new job I’m in, I’m getting way more exercise than I was at my previous job (which is why I joined in the first place!). All I do need to get back into, is my Wii Fitness Coach. It only used to take up 10 minutes of my day, and it made such a difference to my toning up of my tummy. I can’t remember the last time I used it. Now all the Olympics have been and gone, I’m so jealous of Jessica Ennis’ stomach, that I have to push myself to get back into doing that 10 minute a day toning session. I also read that it is also down to having very little or no body fat. A year ago, when I joined the gym, my body fat was 18%. I have no idea what it is now, hopefully not too much! I want to take up running. I have a huge park/field literally 5 minutes away from my house, so there is nothing stopping me. Apart from my utter laziness. And the weather. Ugh. I need to get my life back in some sort of order of activities! One of those being, to blog more! I miss my creative brain activities!
In other news, I’m going to re-design my blog. Again. It just goes to show how bored I get of things, and how often my personality changes! True Gemini (if you believe in that sort of thing!)
Watch this space for more bloggy goodness!
Thanks for being patient =]

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