Monday, 27 August 2012

Read it and Sleep!

I’m still reading. Since starting this 8 week long secondment to a different job in one of the garages, I’ve been able to fill my lunch time with reading in the park. May I also add that every day I have been here and had lunch, the weather has been beautiful? Yes it has. Brilliant! So I have very brown arms and shoulders. Woo!
I’ve been reading Chick-Lits, I can’t stay away from them! I tried; I wanted to be intelligent and read fantasy and nonfiction, but I was bought Marian Keyes’ Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married by my other half a while ago that I had still not read. As soon as I started reading it I finished reading it. I then was lucky to be able to borrow another of her books from my friend, The Other Side of the Story. Again that was finished in about 1 and half weeks. I was kind of annoyed, because I didn’t have any books ready for me to pick up and start reading. So I rummaged around and found a book by Sophie Kinsella, one that I had got free from a magazine, literally, years ago! Finished that after about 4 days! Fortunately, I visited my friend a couple of nights ago and swapped the book I borrowed for another one called Under the Duvet. This is one of her autobiographies. I’m already halfway through and it’s been a couple of days!
I love how she writes. Even stories about her own life are written like a piece of arty fiction! I wish I could write like her, she’s inspirational.  It would make my blog a lot more interesting and a lot less like just an online article of my life and thoughts!
I highly recommend all of her books, although I have not read them all, I imagine that they would be good. FYI, I’ve read the following:
Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married
Anybody Out There?
The Brightest Star in the Sky
Currently reading: Under the Duvet - (which I do like to read when I'm under my duvet, helping me fall asleep better than having the telle on!)

I wonder if there are courses on how to write like Marian Keyes haha!

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