Tuesday, 28 August 2012

It's Like Another Person.

I was going through my nightly routine before I go to bed last night, you know, toilet, wash hands, shower, wash face, brush teeth, hair, etc, and I found myself on a strange train of thought, about blogging. It's like another person....
I write so much about so much on my blog, half of it I never actually voice to anyone. Not to my friends, my fiancé, or family. It’s like when I write everything I think about my life and the stuff going on in the world, it all comes out all at once, without interruption. I can say what I want, fully establish what I think, and then get it all out there, after which people can then discuss it.
I actually to like talking, many people don’t know this about me – but I do like to hold a conversation for a long time, and if I was, hmm rude enough, I could quite happily talk over what anyone has to say! But, I am polite and let other people talk and join in when it’s right. Unfortunately, talking with my fiancé is a bit like a game of tennis. Depending on the day, it could be a game between one really good player and one awful player, where the rally just does not last longer than a minute, and the not so good player keeps letting the ball carry on going past him – the conversation just keeps stopping when it gets to my fiancé. There isn’t much giving back in the way of a response. On these days, all I would get is a silence and “yea”.  So my thoughts become lost. If it’s a better day it would be like a match between two good players, where a really good rally gets going and lasts a really long time – he keeps giving back, and we end up getting into a really good discussion or conversation about something.
At least with blogging, I can just write it all down and let it out of my system that way! Then the train stopped off at “weirdville”. Do people who don’t blog think it’s’ weird to write stuff down on a place where anyone can read it? Surely, what I say should just be kept for close friends and family, not for the world to see, because no one really cares? Does it imply some sort of loneliness on my part? Where I’m so lonely that I can only write about my life in my blog? Perhaps it does, I don’t know. I don’t really care, because thousands of people blog about their lives. And it’s quite easy to see that they have fulfilling lives with lots of family and friends; they are far from lonely, as am I! I talk to my friends and family about things, just not in as great as detail as I do on the blog!

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