Thursday, 23 August 2012, wait, Thursday?!

It feels like Monday, only it’s Thursday. It’s weird the effect that working at different locations has on you. I’m just as tired as if it was Monday, I’m just as moody as am on Monday’s and I’m just as fed up that its’ still not the weekend, just as if it was Monday.
Still, the weekend just gone was a much needed restful one. Saturday Gavin and I drove around Cheshunt, Turnford, and Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. We were looking at Cheshunt, and just getting a feel for the place, as this is where we hope to move to at some point soon (sooner rather than later I’m hoping!) I initially wanted to go to Broxbourne shopping centre, which is off J25 on the M25 onto the A10 and it’s off there near Cheshunt. Instead, Gavin said why don’t we go through the country roads, through Loughton etc. I, stupidly went along with it, thinking if I could just follow signs for the A10, we’ll get to it eventually. Was that the case? No. We ended up going past it (I can only assume) and drove through Cheshunt, then Turnford, then ended up in a little residential area in Broxbourne. Oh.Em.Geeee the houses are beautiful around there. They are humongous, all with about 4 really nice cars outside. Oh, how I wish we were rich. We decided that that is where we would move to if we won the lottery.
After the amazement of the luscious houses, we continued to drive, and ended up on a country road. I wanted/needed to turn around and go back to find this bloody shopping centre – which, by now, I’m sure had decided to just up and leave, taking all signs pointing towards it with it! I couldn’t because I had a horrible white van up my backside, as usual, so I saw a turning left and took it. Little did I know, that this was the car park for Paradise Wildlife Park, and people in Hi-Vis’ were directing me to a space! Gavin and I just looked at each other, and wondered what just happened! Well, we thought we’d not been to the zoo together yet, so we thought, as we were there, lets’ go. I’m glad we did. It was a lovely day. Boiling hot mind, so the animals were kinda boring. We did still get to see a lot though! Including, oh god, the weirdest thing ever. Tortoises having sex. And the noises they were making? Oh man, I thought humans were the only people to make a noise! Clearly not! Who’d have thought that these shelled, mobile homes were the closest animals in the way they have sex. OK, not really, in fact that’s really disgusting to suggest that, so I take it back. In no way are humans like that!
Aaaanyway, I'll leave you with a few pics from the weekend. Including a picture of a box of amazing cakes that my dear mum made. They're delish!

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