Friday, 17 August 2012


I’ve been reading Elin Kling’s blog here and the more I read it and look at the pictures, the more I want her life. Obviously, this will never happen, so at most, I want her style. It’s so easy to pull off as well. She wears basics, plain clothes. But she emphasises that it’s all about the details. The bag, the jewellery and the shoes. Oh, her shoes. They’re amazing! She has Prada, Louis Boutin, Kurt Geiger (which I almost bought a pair of once, and at £60 I thought was not a bad price, but they were not matching my wedding guest dress!)
As her pictures show, she wears jeans, basic top, nice jacket and gorgeous high heels. I really want to start dressing like this. It’s an easy and mature style, but not too mature so that I will look 40 (not that that’s possible with my face and height!)  With this in mind, I did go to Westfield and bought 3 tops, a plain white T, a black and white striped top and a nice military green shirt vest top with those crosses dotted around on. They’re really nice, and were so cheap.... I got them from Primark! Can you believe it! I have only bought accessories and work clothes in there. But now, especially the one in Westfield, it’s really upped its’ game. I still will always be sticking to my favourite high street stores, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and River Island, but at this point in time where I shouldn’t be spending money, Primark seemed like a good idea! Then I went to H&M and bought a lovely pair of jeans. I’m kind of moving away from the normal denim blue jean, and going for different colours. I have a black pair, a sort of washed out black pair with leather shin pads, wine, red, green, dark blue tie dye lightening effect, grey leopard print, two sorts of grey and this new pair, which is a grey tie-dyed effect. I immediately then went home and threw away about 10 tops that all had slogans on or silly childish designs, that were just not me anymore. It was a good day.
The next thing I have to do is throw away some jeans. Which I hate doing, because I never actually throw any away! I always think “oh I should wear those” but I never do, and they end up at the bottom again. Oh well, I guess that task can wait!

Here's my attempt to be anything like her (not in style wise but posting about clothes wise!)

Three of my outfits
Left - Sorry about my crazy eyes! Top: Primark. Jeans: River Island Sale
Middle - Top: Topshop. Shorts: New Look (old)
Right - Dress from Primark (looks great with a leather jacket!)

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