Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just Keep Writing!

 Many blogs have a niche, a market, a target audience. For example, some blogs I read are about fashion, some about food, and others about babies. There are a lot that are about the author’s daily life, their ups and downs and events that occur to them. Some combine both – fashion and their life.
I love these blogs. Call me whatever, but I do like looking at people’s style, reading their fashion advice and where they get clothes from and then reading about their lives. It’s like a weird reality show.
My blog doesn’t have any sort of direction. It’s a multitude of many directions! I try and include a bit of fashion and I’ve dabbled in beauty in one post, but these surprisingly weren’t that popular! So I’ll keep those to a minimum! It seems the more popular posts are the ones where I ramble on about things in my life, my opinions and stuff, which is quite cool. I like how people like (I was going to say enjoy, but that might be pushing it) reading my blog posts about my boring little life!
I’ve said in past posts that I want it to be about one thing, but it’s seemingly impossible for me! I appear to have too much to say about too many things! Hence, you get to read all kinds of stuff!
I am suprised however, that my posts are popular-ish. I found them to be a bit wordy. Personally, I like looking at blog with pictures and a paragraph or two. In light of this, I'm going to try and do a few more picture posts, and see how you like those!
Other than that, I’m going try and finally put to bed my need for my blog to be about one thing, be really popular and get my dream career out of it (pah, yea right! Dream jobs only happen in, well dreams!) I'm just going to write!
Hey, the title is “The Content Notebook” – at least I am keeping true to its name!

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