Wednesday, 29 August 2012

(wo)Man Flu!

After going through 2 boxes of Sainsbury’s basic tissues, 4 packets of travel tissues, 3 nights of Night nurse, countless numbers of cold and flu and Echinacea tablets and a sore red nose – I’m still trying to win this battle with a really annoying cold I’ve managed to catch.
I’ve been fighting, fighting a bloody cold that my fiancé so kindly gave me. What is strange, is that when he had it, he had it for about 3 days – and did not appear to be suffering as much as I am. It seems that he was not affected by the common man flu. I, on the other hand, have a really bad case of (wo)man flu. I feel terrible. I’ve had it 4 days and now on the 5th day it’s developed into a horrid cough and I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I’m lethargic, moody and all bunged up. I’ve not had an appetite, even though I have been hungry, I haven’t been able to pass the food from my hand into my dry cotton wool mouth.
I’m actually really peeved, because we both eat the same thing more or less, we are really naughty and don’t eat vegetables or fruit and he is the man and I am the woman – men are known to be affected worse than women! What’s going on!? The only thing that I can think of is that he does drink a lot of tea. Not Tetley tea, but the twinning’s special teas. From Assam to White tea, he drinks it all. Maybe tea is the thing that’s a good defence against a cold.
Everytime I get a cold – once or twice a year – I always promise myself to eat more fruit and veg. Does it happen? Of course not! Fruit and veg is inconvenient and expensive, much more so than bad food like chips or crisps or coke or chocolate. Here’s the situation that I’m sure most people who are not rich face; you go into a little shop for a drink and a snack. They have a large variety of drinks, including that smoothie that you love to drink, and you know you should get it because it contains 2 of your 5 a day. But, it’s £1.60!! Then you see the new lucozade drink that only has 50 calories that costs 99p. Instantly, you go for the cheaper option. Now for a snack, to counter the unhealthyness of the lucozade you want a piece of fruit, apple, banana, grapes. Can’t see any anywhere, so you have to go for the chocolate.  So that’s why I can’t be healthy on a daily basis. It’s not cost effective!
As for the weekly shop, fruit does not last long, so things bought on Friday can’t be eaten the next 6, 7 days or so. It’s also so expensive, and hard to transport to and from work.
Thinking about it logically however, we do most of the time go shopping on Sunday. So we could buy grapes, bananas and apples. I may force us to buy some and trial the fruit transportation and storage at work for a week. If all goes well, I’ll continue to do it (she says, I doubt the purse strings will stretch that far this week!)

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