Thursday, 16 August 2012

Crazy Couple of Months!

I guess one thing I should do is just an update to my life, and what’s been going on in it!
Let’s see, so last time I posted was July. Since the end of July, I:
-          Bought my own brand new ’12 plate car! I am in love with it! I didn’t think it was possible to love an inanimate object, but I do!
-     Attended my best friends baby shower, which myself and my other best friend helped to cater for and provide the "decorations" we gave it an English Afternoon Tea theme. She loved it and was over the moon at our efforts. Her friend made cupcakes that had an icing picture of the baby scan! Weird, but they were delish!
-          Took my best friend’s son to Tropical Wings Zoo. I really enjoyed that day; it was special to take a child somewhere and teach them things and see them enjoy everything 100% more than adults do.
-          Went to Gavin’s cousin’s 21st birthday party in Birmingham. That was a good night. I drove up there during the day with Gavin and his mum, following his brothers’ and sister and stayed overnight in a really cute B&B pub hotel thing. Gavin and I enjoyed seeing the family, and had a really good time! We drank, we danced, we had amazing huhuhuh, then nodded off around 2am. I woke up the next day with no hangover! Result!
-          Celebrated Gavin’s best friends’ birthday at a bar in Brentwood. Jeez, it was like walking into an episode of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex). I, dressed up in my style, as I do, and I felt a little out of place. But, for once, I didn’t care. I was wearing a dress and heels, and that’s all that matters! Went back to his place for a little after party, involving more drinking, play station move games, falling asleep, falling over and taking silly Polaroid pictures! The next day, Gavs’ friend wanted to go to Southend for the day with us for another “celebration”. It was the perfect day after a mad night out, just chilling on the beach, looking at fishes in the sealife centre, drinking in the pub watching the Olympics and crazy over 50’s dancing and singing karaoke, walking up the longest pier in the world, going on the arcades, and eating really good food! Lavely!

 A few pics from this month!

In between all of that, we were watching the Olympics. I admit, I really was not looking forward to it! I thought travelling to work was going to be chaotic and awful. But if anything, it was quieter. 
As soon as I watched the opening ceremony, I was hooked. I’m not the sporty type, but I enjoyed watching the different sports and getting into the spirit. Amazing. I wish we could host it more often! Woo London 2012! And we did so well! 20 Gold medals, resulting in us taking 3rd place in the medal table. It was a great event, and I’m now looking forward to the Paralympics. I just hope they produce the same atmosphere that the Olympics did.

It’s been a fun filled month, but, as a result, after putting money away into savings and spending a little more than we should have, I have to live as a hermit until Christmas. I just hope no one else has a mad birthday celebration, or party, or any other reason to spend money! I was unable to go to the London Aquarium because of lack of funds! That place is just so expensive though!
So, no more spending for me and my fiancé. Which sucks, because I know that we’re young and we should be living it up bla bla. But we have done that this month, and now we have to focus on getting our deposit together. Otherwise we’ll never move out!
It’s all save, save, save from now until Christmas!

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Kate said...

you forgot there is a baby due in our extended family soon! my urge to buy everything cute is overwhelming ;)