Thursday, 12 July 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 28 - What are you looking forward to?

There are lots of things I am looking forward to, but then again, the things I can't wait for are the things that make me really scared. 
Like moving out and buying our own house. It's not too far away, touch wood, and I just can not wait to have my own house with my own everything. It's just going to be amazing. 
Yet very, very, scary. 

So I guess moving out would be one thing.

Something a little sooner, will be that I'm looking forward to when my friend has her baby! I can't wait to meet him, and be able to help (as best as I can...which is not great lol!) and look after (with the supervision of my wonderful fiance) and just coo over him! It's going to be exciting times! 

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