Monday, 2 July 2012

Definitely a Gemini

Yes, there are lots of documents and journals and whatnot that are either proving or disproving theories of star signs and such...but I don't care. I will go with the vague definition of a Gemini and I will agree that that is what I am. Why? Because I have two ways that I want to be. I have two ways of everything.

In one way, I would love to lead the unconventional life, I would love to travel, have a menial job that I really really really enjoy (like a vet nurse or something to do with writing) and go out on wild nights out, raves festivals the lot. Basically, I would like the rockstar life without being a rockstar (although, being a rockstar would be so amaze-bells!)
And then in the other, I love the idea of having a husband, a house, a car, a really good job that's interesting, and going on holiday one to two times a year. A rather comfortable conventional life. The one that I'm 2/4 of the way through - and loving it by the way. It is scary and exciting, and although I'm missing a few nights out, and skimping a bit on the luxury things, it will all pay off in the long run - when we get our house, we can have parties every weekend if we wanted! I had my fun when I was 18-21, and although I do enjoy a night out (when illness doesn't strike!) I do love a good night in with friends or my fiancé, a good film, a pimms or a beer, and then just falling asleep whenever. And we went to blooming Rome this year! I mean, saving and a holiday is so good, we're so lucky. We're even looking to go away next year to somewhere in Italy by the coast, or one of the Greek Islands. 

I always have two ways of looking at things. I'm always making one point, and then making another one that's the opposite of the first! I could go on about how much of a Gemini I am, but I will be here all night! I just wanted to write a note on the two lives that I want: one that I'm living, and the one that will never be. But I'm OK with that, because in a small way, I can incorporate both! 

So, in addition to the plan (holiday, house), the most recent development in my life is a brand new car! Yes, I bought a brand new Toyota Aygo on the weekend just gone! It's so cute, I can't wait to get it! 
Pictures to follow! 

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