Tuesday, 4 October 2011

# 14 of my Day Zero Project

This has literally taken 3 days for me to complete. It was so hard! 

#14 - Write 100 things make you happy:

1.       Chocolate cookies
2.       My fiancé
3.       My friends
4.       My family
5.       Taking photos
6.       The rare customer who says “thank you so much, you’re a star, have a lovely day”
7.       The sun
8.       Music
9.       Films
10.   Buying clothes
11.   Eating out
12.   Getting takeaways!
13.   Tidying my room
14.   Getting money
15.   My engagement ring
16.   Looking at photos
17.   Reading
18.   Hiking
19.   Exercising
20.   Getting an interview
21.   Dancing
22.   Writing
23.   Animals
24.   Swimming
25.   Flowers
26.   Presents
27.   Giving
28.   Sleep
29.   Sex
30.   Lazing around in bed all day with the other half
31.   Exploring new things
32.   Days out
33.   The sea
34.   Stand up comedians
35.   Going to concerts
36.   Surprises
37.   When bad people get what they deserve...
38.   Dressing up
39.   Baths
40.   Going home from work
41.   Coke cola
42.   Birthdays
43.   Christmas
44.   Anniversary
45.   Getting a text from someone you love
46.   Art journaling
47.   Getting a follower on my blog
48.   Sitting in a beer garden with friends in the sun
49.   Reading other people’s blogs
50.   Learning new things
51.   When someone appreciates something I do
52.   When someone notices something new that I’m wearing/hair style, and they like it!
53.   Little nic-naks
54.   Sitting in a park doing nothing
55.   The possibilities that the world holds for me...
56.   Driving
57.   Being stroked on my head. Like a cat
58.   Snuggling with my fiancé
59.   Getting my hair cut
60.   Days off from work
61.   Weekends
62.   Nights out
63.   Nights in!
64.   Singing on my own!
65.   Shopping
66.   Being spoilt!
67.   Making other people smile
68.   Doing things for others
69.   Spending really hot days in a country park
70.   Talking to my fiancé about everything and nothing
71.   Cuddles
72.   Kisses
73.   Holding hands
74.   Smiling
75.   My fiancés eyes
76.   Junk food
77.   Healthy food
78.   Love letters
79.   Small gestures
80.   Being told “I love you”
81.   Travelling
82.   Late night snacks
83.   Water
84.   Getting an interview
85.   Free stuff
86.   Animals
87.   Painting my nails
88.   Shaving my legs!
89.   Massages
90.   Money
91.   Wearing new clothes & jewellery
92.   Gossip
93.   Not getting a cold
94.   Tea
95.   Coffee
96.   Perinaise
97.   Jokes
98.   Long car journeys when I’m not driving
99.   Snuggled up in bed with the fiancé when it’s stormy outside
Waking up with my fiancé.

A few of them were cop-outs, but honestly, it is so hard to think of 100 good things that make me happy! I challenge you to write a list of 100 things that make you happy!!


missjade21 said...

dont wanna burst your bubble but youve put down animals and gettin an interview twice!! apart from that, an ispiring list, i might do one for things that make me unhappy!! It will prob be more than 100 things though! Looking forward to seeing more of your day zero project xx

Jenni said...

hehe I knew I may have repeated myself! Like I said, it was so hard! I did want to write things down that make me unhappy, it will be so much easier to reach 100! xx