Monday, 10 October 2011

Finger's Crossed for an Awesome Autumn!!

It’s getting close to the 30th October, when British Summer Time officially ends. I’m feeling good about the new season. Autumn mainly. Not winter. I don’t understand people who enjoy getting up and going home in darkness, being freezing cold, wet, snowed on, and just darn right miserable!
I usually dread Autumn, but this year, it feels different. I’m actually looking forward to those crisp, dry sunny days that have a slight chill in the air. I want to go to the forest near me on Sunday and just walk amongst the changing trees, take some pictures with my actual camera, and just enjoy the fresh air (all providing, of course, that this is a sunny day. Ok, it says Sunday is going to be mostly cloudy, but Saturday will be clear with highs of 16 degrees C. Well, Saturday or Sunday, I would like to try and embrace the change!
I’m looking forward to snuggling in front of the tv on the cooler nights. I’m looking forward to dragging my other half out into my garden and sitting under the stars on the clear nights, with a blanket and hot chocolate. In my head, my Autumn looks like this:

It will probably end up looking more like this:

And I may end up changing my mind somewhere down the line, moaning about the weather and the darkness and the lack of sunlight! I hope not, but, I’m like that!
So here’s to a Awesome Autumn, and fingers crossed that it will be an enjoyable one!

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Style of a Fashionista said...

hey there thanks for stopping by my blog. The beanie is from Farhi.

I really do love autumn and I am a fan of winter too maybe because I was born in November. Love your pics xoxo