Monday, 24 October 2011

Goood Day!

I got in to work this morning, and I realised that for a Monday morning, I am in a strangely good mood! This may be down to the fact that the weekend was a bloody good one! Friday night was a night in front of the telly with the fiancĂ©, falling asleep and then waking up Saturday to take my new credit card for a spin in town. Everyone that I told that I got a credit card; I was met with the same response, a sharp intake of air and a shake of the head. Now, I am really not stupid. I am not going to end up following the same path as those before me, maxing it out, and then never being able to pay it off and ending up (sometimes) in debt. I was told by the bank that it is a good idea just to use it for online purchases, as it is harder to commit fraud (touch wood it doesn’t happen) on credit cards than debit, and you are more likely to get the money back. It is also a good way to build up a credit rating for when I eventually apply for a mortgage!
Anyway, coming back to the topic in hand, Saturday night Gavin and I were invited to stay round his s brother’s girlfriends flat. It was a really good night and I enjoyed getting to know her more. She lives about 45 minutes away in a lovely little country town. The flat is gorgeous, new build and I actually felt at home. We chatted, drank, watched tv, got ready, went to a local pub, listened to a live band, talked, drank, laughed, walked back to the flat, drank, ordered takeaway, watched tv, fell asleep. We then were treated to a fry up breakie, which is exactly what I needed and then was taken back to Gavin’s house. I think I’m feeling it now though, I am knackered. Nonetheless, I enjoyed getting to know her. We share the same name, both our best friends have the same name, and we are both really small. I’m looking forward to doing all again soon, and I promised to return the favour by having them both round our house (when we move out in about 3 years time!!).
Sunday, I put on Enigma and Jean Michael Jarre, and napped all afternoon. Perfect! 

 This has nothing to do with the weekend, I just loved it! (My inner geek is coming out!)

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