Friday, 14 October 2011

Wish List!

There are soooo many items of clothing and accessories I want to buy right now. has a huge sale on and is just so brilliantly cheap. Boohoo has a whole animal print collection going on at the moment, and leopard print is my fave. I’m pretty sure I started the trend. I probably didn’t but I was wearing it for a long time before this huge trend came into being. It’s the same with skulls. I love skulls. My finance bought me a really lovely skull necklace, which I’ve temporarily lost (and I am most upset about) and I just want more.  
So the three top things I want this Autumn/Winter is:
-          Skulls
-          Leopard print
-          Feathers.

 Tops, dress and feather earrings -
Skull necklace -

After reading blog, I have seen the marvel that is feathers. I only have one feather necklace with matching feather earrings that I love, and really susges up a plain black vest top or t-shirt. Now I want more! When my friends and I went to Spitalfields market on Sunday, (near Liverpool Street Station, London – if you get a chance to go, please do. It’s amazing. Make sure you win the lottery first) there was an entire stall dedicated to feather accessories. I wanted them all. But the lowest costing necklace being £25, I thought it was a bit much just for a feather on a necklace. So I am on the hunt for cheap feather necklaces/earrings. If anyone knows of such a place that sells them, please let me know!

I have been thinking about my “fashion” lately. I really love my jeans. I live in them (I have a lot of jeans!)  I’ve got a couple of casual dresses that I’ve worn once or twice, but I just don’t feel comfortable. I obviously love dressing up in gorgeous night out dresses, mainly from Lipsy or Topshop, and I feel so good in those. But on a more casual level, I feel most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt (or some sort of top!), converse or boots. I really do want to be more “feminine” and wear skirts and dresses, and I have tried this, but it just doesn’t do it for me. My fiancĂ© says to me it’s no problem, and he loves me in whatever. I mean, of course he would. I would and do think the same about his attire. But I do notice that when I am wearing a dress or a skirt he is all over me more than usual. That’s to be expected I assume, as it’s something different, I don’t wear it all the time, and it’s a treat. Just like when he is in a suit.
Ah, so I think I have just answered my own dilemma. Keep to what I wear. When I do dress up or decide to wear a dress or skirt, it will be more of a treat for him (and me) more so than if I were to dress like it every day. Haha!

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