Saturday, 29 October 2011

Giveaway Rules!

Fellow bloggers/readers! 
I apologise for letting my blogging slip...I promised to let you know how to enter my give-away yesterday, and I totally didn't. Epic Fail - as they say! 
Soooo I shall do it now! Ok, to enter, please follow me, and then comment on this post, telling me your address! No no, I'm joking. Please don't tell me where you live, unless your the winner! 
Just click the "follow me" button!

What's the prize? 
3 of you will each get a cute little notebook, and epically cool badge that says " the pandasaur" that I ordered from the lovely people at 

How will I be chosen? 
I will assign each of you a number and then use a random number generator to pick out 3 numbers!

Whats the catch?
Ahh, well, there's not really a catch...I will only carry out the prize draw when I have 20 followers! I have 12 at the moment, so when I have 8 more, I will draw 3 winners. Oh, and, if you could, please brag about your win on your blog to your friends and family =P !

How long will it be going on for?
Hmm, I will give it 2 weeks! So starting from today, Saturday 29/10/11, the competition will end 2 weeks on Saturday 12th November (12/11/111)

Go, go go!! I'm looking forward to welcoming new people to my blog, and sending 3 of you lovely people the amazing notebook and badge! 
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend =]


juNe said...

Hi, I have followed your blog. You mentioned that you have only 12 followers? But i see at the bottom right side of your blog it says you have about 600+ followers?

I don't have an animal that i really like, but i would say puppies are really cute, especially those small ones. However, I'm afraid of them so i don't keep any!

Hope to get the notebook, i'm a notebook addict!

juNe said...
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