Friday, 30 September 2011

I've woken Up, Now that September has Ended... almost!

I’ve awoken back to blogging! And to a new follower! Yay! I felt sort of empty (call me sad, whatever! ) not blogging everyday! Its' the last day in September 2011 today. Wh.. wha.. what?! Oh man, this year has flown by. It's actually ridiculous how quickly this year is going. And I do not like it! It only means that the three years Gavin and I gave ourselves to find careers, get a deposit together and actually get a house, and then get married, is going to come around a lot quicker than we imagined. This actually gives us less time to go it all in! I’ve started getting steam from my ears and pulling my hair out! Oh, I do need to get my hair cut actually; it’s been a while since I’ve had anything done to it!
Anyway, because the year is going past so quickly, I feel like I should actually get my act together, and complete some of the easier tasks on my day zero project, read some more books, take more pictures and sort my life out!
But first, a little chip tip. A few of you may already know this, as it is pretty basic, but I was really proud of myself last night when I discovered it! Halfway through cooking your chips, add some paprika and salt. Toss them around a bit, and then carry on cooking them. About 5 minutes before they are taken out, sprinkle a little more paprika and salt on them. When they are finished, take them out, leave them to cool a little, and serve as a side with whatever, or, as I did last night, eat them on their own with Nando’s amazing Perinaise sauce. 
It is actually an incredible sauce!
So, to make chips a little tastier, add some paprika and salt. Voila!
I have also been eating for lunch a lovely little Dolmio pasta and sauce lunch pot. It is a really good idea, but, as a colleague pointed out, I could get a whole week’s worth of pasta and sauce for the same price as one of those pots. It is quite expensive for just one little pot, but it is a good idea if you’re lunching on the go! 

Right, anyway, I’m going to go and get on with completing some of my day zero project, I shall record my progress on here!

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