Monday, 12 September 2011

Weekend Fly-By

The weekends never seem to last long. Particularly when you're having fun! They need to be a day longer. Or even half a day longer. Half day Friday. I think it will boost the economy, if more people are let out of work earlier, more people will go shopping, and therefore pump more money into the "system" (whatever that may be!). I really do think this should happen. 
Monday morning today doesn’t feel like a Monday today, after spending a lovely weekend with people I love. As quick as it felt it went, the weekend has put me in a rather good mood.
Yesterday was spent with my best friend in jolly ol’ London again. We went to a vintage fashion fair in Regents Park. It was really fascinating, and I bought a necklace for £6.

I saw some really nice boots, but they didn’t have a price tag on, so I didn’t buy them. It was really small, we were only there an hour. So we wandered down to Regent’s Park and sat in a cafe called “The Honest Sausage” and had a sausage and bacon roll. It was delish, although I ruined it by putting too much mustard inside the roll. It was yellow, and I assumed it was the American mustard which is not hot. But it was actually English mustard, and it was really hot. I still could enjoy the sausage and bacon before the mustard started burning my nose!

I think I have fallen a little bit in love with Camden. I’m not sure why! Well, I wouldn't say "fallen in love with", I'd say, that it's somewhere I'd consider to shop for jewellery and home accessories. It's a great place for all that sort of thing. I wouldn't be too keen on buying clothes from there, as I do love my high street stores!

We wandered up there, and went to my favourite bit, the stables. It is a maze of wonder, and a great place for jewellery, I could have bought so much, but I was sensible and only bought a watch on a necklace. I even did a bit of bartering for it! It was £12, but I managed to get it to £10. Only a saving of £2, but it makes a difference! There are so many different things there, and the food parts are amazing. I didn’t get any pictures of the food unfortunately, but I think we are going again soon, so I will get a few more then. I am definitely going to save up and do some serious spending there!
If you’re ever in the city, I recommend you visit Camden. It’s a great place!

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