Thursday, 8 September 2011

Misery loves Company

I have been feeling down lately, due to a combination of the old hormones and lack of sunlight...and the coming doom that is winter. 
I wrote a post about how I was upset that my fiance hadn't really done enough to bring me up out of this mood... but then I deleted it. I wrote it in a low stupor, and it was not a rational piece of writing. It's funny how moods can affect your rational thinking. I was relying on him to do something to cheer me up, and I was upset that he hadn't.

I know this is wrong, and so after writing a long post, too-ing and fro-ing about why it's wrong and then why it's ok too, I ended up googling "should women rely on men for happiness". And basically, the answer I got was no. (Of course not, men don't solely rely on women to cheer them up!) 
And then I came across what appears to be a journal article written by a christian marriage counselor. And what it says I could totally relate too - in a much smaller context.
Read it here 

It really is enlightening. If your not a christian, It still speaks volumes! 


missjade21 said...

ooh, that article was really interesting! Im definetely not someone who relys on dean to make me happy, i realised that he does make me happy overall but that I create the rest of my happiness by myself, always seeking new things to keep me happy. Really enlightened me! xx

Jenni said...

glad you found it interesting!
Looks like I need to take a leaf out of your book! I need to start creating my own happiness! xx

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Should definitely not rely on a man to make us happy, but if you are engaged to one, part of love is making sure each other is happy- maybe he just doesn't realise how you're feeling. be open with him, he can't help if he doesnt know.

And if hes just genuinely not interested in how you're feeling then personally I'd question what I did see in him.

Men are simple creatures and more often than not they just dont pick up on things. I'm sure he'd do all he could to cheer you up if he knew.

good luck! xx

I found your blog on weekend wander from FTLOB

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Jenni said...

Thank you =]. I really appreciate you visiting my blog, commenting and giving me some really useful advice. I will definitely take it on board, and have a word. You could be right, he may not realise, I'm guessing he is interested, but just lacks the time to really put 2 and 2 together! I 100% agree with you about men being simple... I sometimes make that mistake and expect him to read my mind!
I'm about to check out your blog too, thanks for the advice again! =] xxx

Jenni said...
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