Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Adults are odd...!

Why do adults, mothers in particular, feel the need to lie about events in order to get a point across? 
Before I left for work this morning, my mum told me to put the cd’s on the back seat of my car somewhere that is hidden from view. She could have left it there. I would have obviously done it, as yea, it is pretty stupid to leave things on show. But she then continued to try and push the point further by telling me a couple of stories about how someone at her work (who seems to have a lot of things happening to her, that result in mum telling me and saying “so that’s why you should do this”) had all her car windows smashed and the 3 cd’s stolen from the back seat. And apparently it happened to another one of her colleagues. Yea. Ok. I really don’t believe that. Why would someone break into a car, to steal cd’s? Surely people break into cars for more valuable things like money, sat nav, mobile phone, or cd player?  I may have believed it if it was someone else it had “happened” to or if it “happened” to one person. Usually, I would contest the stories, and just reply “yea, ok, bullshit”. But this usually results in an argument, and it was too early to bother with it.
I just wish she would not treat me like I am stupid. Telling me once would have been enough.
I did put the cd’s away all the same.
Just incase!
Do you ever get this strange phenomenon happening to you? Or is it just me!

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