Friday, 9 September 2011

Dipping my Toes in the Poetry Corner....

Like a favourite album ending, 
I'm left with silence.
In the beginning, it was exciting, it was new,
Acting all crazy because I finally have you.
For a while, it's still upbeat,
It keeps me going, sweeping me off my feet.
Suddenly it’s emotional, slow and steady,
I’m not sure what to do, what to say, if I’m ready.
Yet out of the blue, it starts again,
The happiness hits me like a subway train.
Steady as it goes, it carries on,
Not believing it was you I stumbled upon.
A few more sad moments arrive but go past,
But I knew from the beginning that this will last.
Like a favourite album, played over and over,
It never gets tired, bored, or sober.
Like a favourite album ending,
I’m left with silence,
Silence in which new ones can be made,  
But having you by my side,
My favourite album will always be played. 

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