Saturday, 10 September 2011

London Baby!

Just got back from a grand day out in London with my fiancé. Well, ok, we got in about an hour ago, and he has fallen asleep! It's only 6pm! I guess spoiling me really took it out of him! I was a very lucky girl today and was spoiled rotten in my favourite city, and was treated to a delish lunch in Garfunkels. It was his way of cheering me up after having a miserable week, and of course it worked! Aside from the spending, it was just being in London with the man I love, having fun (yes, he actually had fun shopping with me!) watching men play the drums on bikes, 
and having really good conversations that really made me happy. Thank god that my misery didn't last long =].
I was bought a couple of t-shirts from Bershka, a vest top, nail varnish and much needed new underwear from Topshop, a dark red cardigan from Zara and a purse from River Island. I'm looking forward to wearing them! I am also looking forward to going through my wardrobe again and throwing out (or ebaying!) some old tops and jeans  that I really don't wear any more, and that are just taking up space.
I may just go and do that now, seeing as the other half is sleeping!  


BellaVida said...

Hi, I landed here from FTLOB. A bike drumset, now that's interesting. :)

Bella Vida by Letty
Have a great day.

Jenni said...

aw thanks, it was really good! Sounded amazing too! I wish I could upload a video!
Have a fab day =] x