Monday, 5 September 2011


It was my mum's birthday the Friday just gone, (2nd) and I thought I would do something special for her, seeing as we don't always get on, and she does do a lot for me, no matter how much I usually contest it! 
I made her a card and a chipboard mini scrapbook/photo album of photos of her and our family. I started it very late, Tuesday evening to be precise! I spent every evening including Friday making the album. I eventually finished it about 6pm Friday, and fortunately she was out in London celebrating, so I left it on the mantelpiece ready for her to see it when she got home. 

The state of my desk and room during the creation process! 

The result? She loved it, bringing her close to tears. I'm glad, I wanted to show her how much I care and love her, and I hope that she saw that in what I made for her.  
Inspired to put this up by these lovely people

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missjade21 said...

awesome!! the finished product looked great hun! xx