Saturday, 30 July 2011

Working on a Saturday

So here I am, on a Saturday. At work.
It's not bad to be honest. It's really quiet, there are only 3 members of staff in (in the office) and we can basically just (scuse my french) dick around. And I get the added bonus of getting overtime for it, so I'll get a bit more money, for doing not a lot!
The picture is my mug, from Artbox, bought for £2! It's my loyal friend and has held tea for me in this office for a good few months now. I had a green tinkerbell one, but I grew up (at the age of 21!) and it also was a sucker for showing gross tea stains. So I got this one. I thought I black one would be a really good idea, but turns out, it shows the stains just as much as a green or even a white one would! I still use it though, and I like the little saying on the side. It's a nice little phrase that will never be true, but there is always hope!
I had a brainwave yesterday as to the direction of this blog. It had escaped me until now. But I think, it's simply going to be the endeavours of a 22 year old ex student, trying to make her way into the world - well, at least, just trying to be in the world! I will just blog here my day, my feelings, my outift maybe? Something along those lines. I've noticed that many blogs that I read are all authored by older people, I have yet to find one that is authored by someone of a similar age. I'm sure there is one, but I'll just go with my idea for now! I will begin with a new blog post....

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