Monday, 25 July 2011

Just another set back...

So opportunities arise as if from nowhere. One in particular arose recently. Out of the blue. I thought it must mean something. I just fell in to the interview. It must be it. The opportunity I have been waiting for.  It wasn’t. As usual, life fails me. Well, not life. The things I have been working and learning for the best part of my life, education, money. All seem to be a waste. All for nothing. Teh government has failed me. Amongst many other graduates. I have decided that the government is simply a collection of people who take our money and brainwash the entire nation to believing that education is the key to a successful life (bollocks), political correctness is a good idea (it’s gone mad), and all sorts of other crap!
Anyway. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to bring the tone down!
I was going to write a blog of my to do list for this week.
I will still do this:
1. Apply for lots more jobs.
2. Join the gym
3. Go to the gym
4. Read a lot of my book
5. Do some art journaling
6. Do some more tummy toning exercises
7. Eat healthy again! (i was doing so well until the weekend and today!)

That’s it for now. On Friday, I will see if this list has been progressing (that doesn’t really make sense!)

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