Friday, 15 July 2011

The Power of the Moon...

So I was doing some research on the full moon and it’s effects on human behaviour and emotions, as I was sure that this may be the cause to my recent oddity of emotional behaviour.
And it turns out, my inkling was correct. The moon does actually affect human behaviour. This is what I found from 
“Some believe that the moon’s varying gravitational pull affects our brains and bodies in ways that we do not appreciate. After-all, the human body is mostly water, so if the moon moves bodies of water, why not us? If this sounds crazy, keep in mind that many believe it to be true, including those who are highly-educated. An article by Alina Iosif and Bruce Ballon of the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry explains: A study by Rotton and Kelly in 1985 showed that 50% of university students believed that people act strangely during a full moon. In 1995, Vance reported that as many as 81% of mental health professionals believed that the full moon alters individual behaviour".
“Hormonal reactions to increased positive ions in the air (Full Moon Effect) cause hyperactivity, depression, violent behaviour, road rage, higher occurrences of migraines and asthma. Even bees are known to sting without provocation on higher positive ion ratios. Just about all the air you breathe has some quantity of Aero-Ions. Ions are charged particles in the air (between a few hundred to a few thousand per cubic centimeter). Some ions are negatively charged (Negative Ions) and some positively charged (Positive Ions). After years of research around the world, Ion Scientists have determined over and over that an imbalance in the ratio between Positive and Negative Ions has a profound effect on both your mental and physical well being.”

So, hopefully, this feeling I have will disappear within the next couple of days!
I think my previous blog still stands though, how do you know when someone is being genuine or fake, when perceptions and emotions get in the way?!

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