Thursday, 21 July 2011

A long time since...

Last night was the first night in a very long time when I did not put the TV on as soon as I was ready for bed; when I did not fall asleep to the TV. I read. I read my book that has taken me forever to read, well, longer than it usually does to read books. And I read it until about 10 past 11. And I got really tired, turned off my light, and fell asleep. It was amazing! I felt so much more relaxed reading than watching the TV. It’s weird, I thought watching TV was relaxing. Oh, how wrong I was! I thought it was going to be harder to wean myself off of falling asleep to the TV, but it wasn’t. I woke up feeling more refreshed (well, a little bit). But it’s 10past 10am now, and I am feeling tired. I hope there isn’t anything wrong with me, as I have been feeling rather lethargic lately. I’ll have to keep an eye on me! 

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