Wednesday, 27 July 2011


So I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. I know. It’s Gavin’s fault! As soon as I got back in the car to go to the gym, he called me saying he was home back from work! He wanted to see me so off I went! I am definitely going today, as I have a personal trainer session booked in at 5.
I collected all the books that I have to read, and there is a lot! 

I need to get through them at most before Christmas, there are a lot of new ones I want to buy and read! With my new routine of reading before I go to sleep, I should hopefully get through them by then. This new routine is amazing, I feel much more rested when I wake up. On Monday I fell asleep with the TV on, and I woke feeling tired and lethargic. So I am loving my new reading before sleep! Can you tell!?
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