Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The list...

So I have only managed to complete point 2 on my list yesterday. I joined the gym! It feels rather good! It is £34.00 odd a month and a one off fee of £47.99 which I will get back when I get my little stamp book stamped 20 times in 3 months. I also get 3 personal trainer sessions! My first one is tomorrow; I’ll blog about how it goes! I also received an information pack, with a journal of exercises, what the machines do and a recipe book for healthy protein rich meals. It’s all exciting and interesting stuff! I am going to also complete point 3, as I am going to the gym today, for a good few hours. I am able to leave an hour early today, which gives me time to pop home, grab my gym stuff and trot along to the gym! I need to do this really, as my eating habits deteriorated last Thursday, and they have not got better. Snacking on crisps and biscuits is a no no with me usually. Not lately though! I will have to go shopping on the way and pick up some healthy snacks; raisins, rice cakes, dried fruit, normal fruit.
I still haven’t been able to decide where I am going with this blog. It seems to just be ramblings about nothing and everything. Its only purpose is to write what I feel, and narrate my life! I don’t see that as being very interesting somehow. Although I do read other people’s blogs that are a narrative of their lives...but their lives do seem more interesting and exotic (many of them living abroad and have lovely jobs and great imaginations!)
Hmm I don’t know, I’ll have a good think while I’m at the gym!

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