Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fly By Weekend!

I know it's the end of the weekend when I wash my hair on a Sunday. It's an age old ritual practised by myself since I was most probably born. Every Sunday, I wash my hair. I'm pretty sure most people do the same on a Sunday. But when I wash it during the day, I get that feeling that I know the weekend is going to end soon. Crazy, I know, but hey, that's me! 
My normal washing of the hair routine was slightly different today, as I bought Herbal Essences new Tousle me Softly hair serum, and thought I should try it out.
It's apparently some new thing that helps define naturally wavy hair (ala me). So after washing it with Sheer Blonde, spraying in the leave in conditioner, and the sheer blonde go blonder mist, I very roughly dried it so my hair was more damp than wet, and added in the serum. And dried while continuing to tousle. The result? Amazing! It's going to need some getting used to, coz it's pretty big! But I love it, I love how I can just blow dry it and leave it, rather than spending another 20mins straightening my hair. 

You can't really see the real tousled bits, they're underneath and on the back of the hair, but it's certainly got more body than usual!

As well as washing my hair (how fun...!) my fiancĂ© and I went to one of our local country parks for a winter walk. I love walking around woods and forests, nature is definitely the best place to spend a Sunday afternoon!   

So that's my weekend, gone, and ready for another week. 
One week down, 3 more to go. 
The countdown begins until my life changes. 
Paris. New job. New journey. 
And then all that's in between: work leaving do, wedding show, Snow Patrol gig, valentine's day. 
Phew, February is going to be a busy month! 

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