Thursday, 12 January 2012


My most recent purchase is a handbag. Another one. 
For those of you that don't know, handbags have been a massive "thing" of mine since secondary school (age 11) ! 
I have had so many in the past, that I did have to throw some away =[ . 
But, I am re-building my collection. Mainly with the most gorgeous bags ever - Betsey Johnson Bags. 
They are incredible. I love my handbags, and I do have two favourites. A leopard print one that does feature somewhere on my blog, and a skull and roses one. 
But, I did something a bit naughty, and felt a little guilty doing. 
I didn't even mean to do it! 
It started off so innocent! 

I signed up to, a new website which, after completing a questionnaire, builds a personal showroom for you and sends it to you everything (via email!). 
It's amaaaazing! 
Anyway, I was allowed to choose something as my first purchase, and because it was, I received 25% off! 

So... I saw this lovely bag, and I had to have it. I ummmed and ahhhed, I was a little hesitant, because, as nice as it is, it's really no match for my Betsey Johnson bags. In then decided to go for it, because £29.95 is pretty darn good for a bag (way cheaper than what I spend on BJ bags).

It came yesterday, and the way it was sent to me was so cute! 

It came in a box, and inside was the black bag you see above. Inside, wrapped in tissue paper (I think!) was the gorgeous little (but not too little!) black handbag. What was even cuter, was they sent me a free necklace as a gift for saying thank you for ordering from Sylist Pick! 

It's a great site, and I recommend anyone to go and pay it a visit! 

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